QA System

Manufacturing automated test and quality assurance software.


To achieve six sigma quality assurance and improvement goals there must be measurement, evaluation and your tools to do that are very important. Sure you can use a spreadsheet but is your data captured automatically?  With AlignSign software for quality assurance there is no need to import the data for analysis because the information you need is obtained as you assemble or produce the product.  You determine the critical parameters of your products and what you are going to test on each part.  Tests are set up to measure the critical parameters and check for failures.   As parts are assembled you have quality verified parts, making your final check-out go smoothly.


The Test Exec runs your tests and is a software development base for your automated test development, recording the results of each part tested in a database.  With Test Exec it is easy to set up limits and expected test results.  Catch problems before you assemble your products by inspecting and testing the parts and sub-assemblies.  Make individualized tests for each part as needed.  With an intuitive easy to understand interface the operator can quickly see the results of the test.  The test results are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database as each part is tested.

Test Exec integrates your test by communicating with your hardware tests through standardized systems and well-known devices.

QA Stat shows statistical results of the testing done through Test Exec or Test DDI.  Instantly see trends in your test results in charts and graphs.  Find areas that are the common error conditions and isolate them using the Pareto Chart.  Track the output as a percent of tested over time by viewing the Yield Chart.  Check to see where statistical process control I-MR Charts show the process going out of control when a number of tests results show an out-of-control trend.

Getting AlignSign’s QA System Working For You

To get this innovative quality control system working for you, you may either license the software for your software engineers to develop the tests or you may have our engineers develop and implement the testing systems.

To discuss how this new software can work in your factory please call us at 941-623-4553 or email with your request.