Automated Testing

Our manufacturing automated test software is part of our suite of manufacturing testing suite called QA Manager .

The core testing program called Test Exec runs your manufacturing tests.  It has a clear and easy to understand user interface which can be adapted to many applications.

The software is configured for specific tests by writing C++ code.  The development system is much easier to learn than some graphical development systems for those with some programming background.  The software can be written to run one test or a battery of tests and can automatically detect system the system it is testing.

Test Exec gathers information from the system by communicating with your hardware tests through standardized systems and well-known devices.


Getting QA Manager Working For You

To get this innovative quality management system working for you, you may either license the software for your software engineers to develop the tests or you may have our engineers develop and implement the testing systems.

To discuss how this new software can work in your factory please call us at 952.473.9667 or email with your request.