Custom Sign Software

At AlignSign we have developed an entire custom sign software system including design, printing and cutting packages from the ground up.  We have experience with a vast array of cutters and printers.  The traffic sign software solution is in use by hundreds of engineers, sign designers and sign makers to design and manufacture signs.  If you want an OEM or custom sign design and manufacturing package in another industry, let us know your needs.  For those wanting to make custom vinyl banner signs check out our new e-commerce web site at

We have developed new technology for laying out signs and automatically dimensioning signs dubbed the Dynamic Arrangement Engine or Dynarrange™.  Dynarrange keeps the objects in the sign spaced and aligned and allows the placement of new objects in a row, column or table. The sign is automatically dimensioned and the objects in the sign are optionally listed below the sign for documentation purposes.  You can have this technology work for you.

The major advantages of having us write your package:

    Customized application for your purposes
    User interface made to order
    Quicker, easier and faster to market than getting a programming staff to do it.

The software includes the tools to design and make new signs.  Call or email today to get us started on your custom sign package.